Baffin Island

Baffin Island photo adventure 2022

Mount Asgard is located on Baffin Island in Canadian Arctic.
Mount Asgard

To me, Mt. Asgard is one of the most inspiring mountains. There is something almost spiritual about this peak. Its shape, remote location, surrounding glaciers, and the entire valley.

From previous years, I remembered this multiple crevasses in the glacier. This year I was surprised to see how much bigger they were. This particular one was jus a small trench last time I was here, and now it was gigantic crack in the ice. But, I was happy to find it because provided excellent foreground to this composition.

Reflection of a mountain in a small arctic pond.
Golden Tundra

Yearly season change brings a fantastic and colorful transformation of the Arctic Tundra.

This is the view from around our first camp. Camp the we had to pack and move due to Polar Bear (that was sleeping on the slope not too far from our camp). This image was taken in beautiful afternoon with nice soft and glowing light. To avoid wide lens distortion, I chose to create panorama from multiple vertical images (this is something I often do when shooting wide scene).

Foggy day in the wilderness of Baffin Island.
From Afar

Fogy but bright day in the middle of Baffin Island adventure.

Fog slowly lifting and devilish hidden landscape.