About Artur Stanisz

Artur, Baffin Island 2014

Inuksuk marking the trail on Baffin Island.


My passion for photography was born from my love of mountains and the natural world. Photography changed my approach to adventures and taught me to see and feel nature differently. Before I discovered photography, I was constantly chasing new adventures. Back then, I focused more on goals like reaching the summit or completing the hikes.

While hiking, climbing, and doing all the necessary activities to reach specific locations are still essential parts of the process, they are no longer the goals by themselves. I no longer strive to reach the summit. Instead I concentrate on finding the best compositions.

Photography spiked my curiosity and need to learn more about the natural world. It helped me to realise how to use weather and light conditions as a photo opportunity rather than an obstacle. I also gained understanding of how to use elements of specific environments to tell a more compelling photo story.

I hope my photography stimulates your senses and allows you to experience the beauty of the Nature.